What do I do when my baby turns 1?



I am a  23 year old single mom to a wonderful 8 month old baby boy. I have been pumping my breastmilk for a while now and I give my son breastmilk in a bottle. I was wondering how my breastmilk will be added into his daily menu when he turns a year old. Since I'm not exclusivly breastfeeding, I would really like to continue expressing my milk and giving it to him if possible. I make all my homemade baby food and I don't think pumping will bother me if I should continue for longer than a year. I'm just a little confused on how it should work into his feeding schedule after a year old and adding whole milk into it as well. I would love to hear what you recommend!


Thanks for "Asking the Nutritionist" at Breastmilk.com, and congratulations on your baby boy.  I am sure he is keeping you busy, but what fun it is to watch a little one grow and develop! You asked a great question, and your commitment to breastfeeding is commendable . . .he is a lucky boy! When he reaches one year of age, there is no reason to give him any whole milk, as long as he is still receiving breast milk (either directly from the breast or from a bottle or cup). If your breast milk supply begins to dwindle, you can give some breast milk and some whole milk, but if you still have sufficient supply just continue to give him the breast milk.