Breastfeeding Basics


Positioning Baby

You will probably breastfeed for months, maybe even years, so finding nursing positions that work for you and your baby is an important task. The right position will not only make breastfeeding easier, it will help to avoid sore nipples. There are four basic positions. Some women find one that works and stick with it, while others prefer variety. You may find that one position works well for awhile, but that you need something different as your baby gets bigger.

Before you Begin

Benefits for Mom and Baby

Your milk is amazing stuff! Your body makes it just for your baby, it's designed for your baby's age and it is by far the best thing for him. Formula is a poor substitute and should only be used if you cannot breastfeed or when medically necessary.

Best for Baby

Getting the Most From Your Breastfeeding Experience

Once you and your baby gets the hang of latching on and you are comfortable breastfeeding, you can do it pretty much anywhere, but why not make it as enjoyable as possible? For times when you are breastfeeding at home, consider creating a special space, just for you and baby.

Location, Location, Location

Latching On

Getting baby to latch on correctly is not only essential for good feeding, but will also save you from having to cope with sore and painful nipples. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get your baby to latch on correctly.

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