Reestablishing breastfeeding



I am 19yrs old. I used to breastfeed my baby, but since I got I job I stopped breastfeeding. Will I ever have breast milk again? 


Thanks for "Asking the Nutritionist" at  It is certainly possible for you to start to breastfeed your baby again. Are you producing any breast milk at this point? How old is your baby?

The first step in the process of resuming breastfeeding (called relactating) involves getting your body to produce breast milk again. Depending on how long it has been since you last breast fed, breast stimulation (via pumping) alone will probably not be enough to get your body to produce breast milk again.  It may be necessary for you to take prescription medications and/or natural herbal remedies to stimulate milk production.  For this, I highly recommend that you seek the advice of a physician, and that you visit with the lactation consultants at a nearby breastfeeding clinic . . .you will find the tools, advice, and support that they can provide to be most helpful! 

Once your body starts to produce breast milk again, you will want to breastfeed (and/or pump) as often as possible to help maintain/increase your supply and to allow your daughter to become accustomed to feeding from the breast. Remember, that you may not ever be able to produce enough breast milk to exclusively breastfeed your baby (you might need to supplement with formula), but any amount of breastfeeding that you are able to do will provide lasting benefits for both you and your baby.

Very best wishes to you as you work to reestablish breastfeeding! Please write again if I can be of further assistance.