Milk Sharing



I was wondering what negative things can be passed through breast milk to a baby? Can using donated milk from a trusted friend end up passing something unwanted to a baby?


Thanks for your great question.

Milk sharing is actually quite common, and works wonderfully when you know and trust the donor of the milk. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:
1. Be sure the milk is stored properly as it is transported from the donor to you.
2. If the donor drinks alcohol, uses illicit drugs, or smokes cigarettes, the alcohol, drugs and nicotine will be present in the breast milk.
3. If the donor has hepatitis C, tuberculosis, or HIV, you might reconsider using this milk, as it is possible (but not guaranteed) for these infections to be transmitted into the breast milk.
4. I would be hesitant about purchasing any breast milk on the Internet from an unknown source.

I hope this helps and please write again if you have additional questions. Very best wishes to you!