Breastfeeding Basics


As a new mom, you probably have many questions about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Basics is a great place to start. The articles here will answer your question, give you tips and ideas, and point you to valuable breastfeeding resources.

Latching On

A step by step guide to help you get your baby to latch on correctly.


Getting the Most From Your Breastfeeding Experience

A few ways to make breastfeeding as relaxing as possible.


Positioning Baby

Find a breastfeeding position that works for baby AND mom!

Benefits for Mom and Baby

What makes breastfeeding so important anyway?


Pumping Breast Milk

Tips and tricks to help you learn to use your pump.


Common Questions

A FAQ for new mothers who want to breastfeed.


Colostrum: what is it?

Learn more about the benefits of your "first" milk.


How Do I Know My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

Signs to look for that indicate your baby has had enough.


Exclusive Pumping (aka "eping")

Find out more about the next best feeding option.


Storing Expressed Breast Milk

Safely store your expressed breast milk to use in the future.


Milk Banks and Online Milk Sharing

Learn more about what you can do with your extra milk.


Changes in Breasts from Breastfeeding

A few changes to expect after breastfeeding your little one.