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Ask the Nutritionist

Welcome to the Ask the Nutritionist page here at! A heartfelt "THANKS" to all of the wonderful moms who have submitted questions.  Below is a selection of questions we have received.  Check back frequently to read what is on the minds of other nursing moms! We hope this information will help to make your breastfeeding experience successful and enjoyable.

Ask the Nutritionist

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What can I eat to increase breast milk?

Many nursing moms are surprised to hear that what they eat and drink while they breastfeed is just as is important as what they ate and drank during pregnancy. Eating a well-balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water, is necessary to ensure that the nursing mom stays healthy and that she produces high quality breast milk for her growing baby.

Should I take prenatal pills?

By choosing to breastfeed your infant, you have made an amazing commitment to your baby's health! To produce the healthiest breast milk possible, it is recommended that nursing moms supplement their well-balanced diet with a high quality multivitamin supplement.

I have breast milk again!

As many nursing moms know, the quantity of breast milk that a nursing mom produces tends to ebb and flow. Just when some moms think their milk has completely dried up, they awake to find they still have breast milk.

Which foods cause my baby's tummy to hurt?

There is nothing more disheartening for a nursing mom than a chronically fussy baby, especially when she thinks the fussiness might be caused by something she is eating.

How can I get my breastmilk to dry up?

You might be surprised to learn that women will sometimes produce breast milk for up to 30 years after giving birth!